Sweden (2018)

May 14th, 2018|Europe, Sweden|

Sweden, you are beautiful! I found out that ‘the middle of nowhere’ actually exists; it’s a three hour drive from Stockholm, there’s perfect silence only broken by bird song and there are forests and lakes and knäckebröd and no people... The area around Borlange is a great place to recharge. We stayed in a [...]

Czech Republic

August 13th, 2016|Czech Republic, Europe|

The first time I visited Prague was in 1991. The city was like a princess who had just been kissed awake and was still a bit foggy about what happened. People still had to get used to the new situation. I remember there were oranges displayed in shop windows, decorated with christmas decorations. People stopped [...]


May 28th, 2015|Europe, Spain|

Barcelona is such an easy city to love. I go at least once or twice a year. I feel strangely at home in this vibrant, laid back city. To have a 'cortado' coffee and 'tostadas' with olive oil and tomato in the morning at just about any cafe makes me feel like a local... My [...]

Mallorca 2013-2015

May 28th, 2015|Europe, Spain|

Restaurants Sinds 2013 hebben we een oud boerderijtje in het binnenland van Mallorca. Terug in de tijd, heerlijk rustig, tussen de lokale boertjes. Afgezien van een paar leuke dingen in Palma, zijn de meeste tips daarom voor ‘onze’ buurt: Palma De gezellige hoofdstad zit vol culinaire ontdekkingen. Wij bevelen aan: Cappuccino: een keten upscale koffietentjes [...]

Portugal – Lissabon

October 1st, 2013|Europe, Portugal|

[singlepic id=168 w=320 h=240 float=left]Lisbon is a beautiful city, very cheap according to Northern European standards, full of life, color and wonderful restaurants. I stayed in the Zuzabed B&B; a great place, dead centre, with very friendly personnel. They will plan your sight seeing, walking routes, restaurants etc. for you. Just get there and they [...]

Duitsland: Berlijn

October 1st, 2013|Europe, Germany|

[singlepic id=161 w=320 h=240 float=left]Samen met fotografe Eef Ouwehand organiseer ik de Bloggen met Beeld Workshop in Berlijn. We verblijven in het gaafste design appartement midden in het leukste deel van de stad: (appartments) De leukste restaurant en cafe tips vind je hieronder: Koffie, internet en lunch: Berlin_theke Relaxed tentje met biologische koffie, verse sapjes, heerlijke salades en [...]


February 24th, 2011|Europe, Russia|

In 2003 nodigde hulporganisatie Dorcas me uit op bezoek te gaan bij diverse projecten in Moskou en Siberie. Over het indrukwekkende bezoek aan een gaarkeuken net buiten Moskou, schreef ik het volgende artikeltje voor het Dorcas blad.

Siberia (2002)

February 24th, 2011|Europe, Siberia|

Meet the Nenets In september 2002 Dorcas Aid asked me to join a trip to visit the Nenet indigenous people of Western Siberia, to deliver provisions and support. Just after summer there are only a few weeks when their territory is accessible. Foreigners are normally not allowed, but Dorcas would arrange all necessary permits. Since [...]

Sweden (199?) and 2009

February 24th, 2011|Europe, Sweden|

Design, fish and... rain... Visiting Goteborg in November is NOT a good idea! Lots of rain and it is dark most of the day. People here say "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" and they are probably right. Kids wear a kind of ski-overall over their clothes and everybody wears sturdy [...]


February 24th, 2011|Europe, Transdnistria|

Trip to a ‘non-existing’ country.... During a trip to Moldova in eastern Europe I visited Transdnistria: a country that officially does not exist.  Still, it appeared quite real, with its own border, customs, uniforms, police, language, money, stamps, etc. 15 years ago Transdnistria separated itself from Moldova (500 people died during the ‘war’). Nowadays Transdnistria  [...]

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