Tokyo street impressions

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Tokyo street impressions

Japanese people live in tiny apartments because there is so little space and so many people… Check out these videos of a subway station and a busy intersection:

The people in the subway station are trying to get home, I was trying to get to a dinner with friends. These 17 seconds of Tokyo commute in one of the train stations look like complete chaos at first, however there appears to be a system/structure to the flow of people. I haven’t seen anybody bump into each other, no irritation, just ‘flow’…

My last week in Tokyo I stayed in a great guesthouse in Togoshi Ginza, quite central, near a shopping street. I loved the big kitchen with a real kitchen table and chairs. The first time in weeks I could actually sit and eat or work.

Panorama pic of a Tokyo street corner. It feels familiar like New York (there’s even a yellow taxi passing by), but at the same time completely foreign Picture?

Some random images from an afternoon in Tokyo. Train life, beautiful temples, diagonal zebra crossings (?!?)

Train life….

Visiting Meiji Shrine, set in a beautiful park in the center of the city.

WTF?!? Diagonal zebra crossings?

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