My first impression of Kyoto is even better than Tokyo: the old town is almost like a village, with beautiful old wooden houses and temples and great tiny local restaurants.

I stayed at a simple, very conveniently located Airbnb apartment. Walking distance from public transport and the famous Gion old part of town.

I got interviewed for a Japanese TV program while I bought my favorite red-bean-paste-filled-pastry-shaped-like-a-fish. Strolled around, saw some real Geisha, had lunch in a tiny local place and a home cooked dinner in a family restaurant. Life’s good in Kyoto!

Me and my fish-shaped sweet pastry: soon to be famous in Japan, haha!

Feels like a village, right?

Beautiful temples

Complete dinner for less than $9

Had lunch in this family run tea house/cafe

The best way to meet local people when you are traveling by yourself in Japan: go have dinner at a small local restaurant and ask if you can take a selfie/groupie with everybody at the bar with you. They will start talking to (and about) you… :I just had a great evening with an energetic, beautiful 60 year old accountant who also happens to dance Argentine tango and a cute 30 year old breakdancing antique dealer, served by a handsome culinary ski teacher…

The friendly giggling waitress confided that this was her last evening working at this restaurant and showed us her celebration meal: a giant grilled fish head… I just love Kyoto!

This was a few nights ago at a family restaurant with delicious home

The beautiful tango and ballroom dancing accountant Kumi Ko and her friend the chef/ski teacher…

April 20th, 2017|Japan|